As a small form or solo, should you discount? Is it possible to come up with a form of billing that is attractive to your client without being unfair to you?

I've previously written about value billing but how does it work in practice? Allison Shields has 2 separate posts on pricing and value billing.

The key is communicating with your client: don't be so quick to conclude what your client needs, give them the time to tell you.

Often what you think is your client's problem is not really their main worry. What they may be worried about may be a side issue to you but they won't be happy if you try to sell them a solution for a problem they don't have or work on a project that doesn't solve their problem, regardless of how great a job you did.

That's where pricing and value billing come in: you can price at a discount if you wish but you may be surprised to find out that your client is prepared to pay you at or above the going rate in return for your availability, empathy , knowledge of their business, not charging for phone calls, photocopies or many other reasons that are of value to them.

If you turn your relationship into a commodity, they will treat it like one. Give your clients a chance!


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