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Time Management

August 31, 2006

Are you being ripped off by time thieves?

Learn how to use time effectively and be more productive.

Massachusetts School of Law presents a video on Time Management.


Buying Law Office Technology

August 30, 2006

If you’re wondering where to start your research into buying  laptops, desktops, phones, cameras and gadgets or creating a paperless office then the notes from the recent ABA General Practice/Solo Program are worth reading.(via Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog).

Becoming a managing partner

August 16, 2006

Regardless of the size of your firm, every firm needs a managing partner.

If you’re a solo, there will be things that you do that are managing partner functions.

As a firm grows. it struggles to decide whether it can afford to have a partner work full-time (or even part-time) as a managing partner or whether to employ a non-lawyer CEO.

The managing partner role is one that is not taught at university. And where do you go with your career if you become a full-time managing partner for more than 2 years?

Patrick McKenna has produced an on-line book (a short 23 pages) on the first 100 days of a managing partner. It is worth reading even if you are a small firm.

Here’s your opportunity: declare your independence

August 7, 2006

In 7 Opportunities for Law Firms in 2006 Neil Oakes from FMRC Legal declares the boutique firm as the norm of the future.

Within five years boutique providers will, most likely, make up the entire top quartile of the high profit sample population in all FMRC Legal performance surveys.

These firms will out-perform the generalists in many areas, most critically in client quality and talent attraction.

Yes, some might regard the now-large Gilbert & Tobin as a boutique firm but the formation in the last few months of new firms by 2 or 3 partners breaking away from larger firms (even a large boutique firm such as Atanskovic & Hartnell) shows that the small firm has a solid future.

But if the facts and figures aren’t enough, turn your sound on and watch Declaration of Independence from Escape from Cubicle Nation and get motivated.