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What does it take to succeed?

February 19, 2007

According to Andy Monfried the following are required to succeed in business:

Stay commited.
Focus on Changing the Game.
Be Sincere.
Be Different.
Risk being laughed at.
Risk FAILURE every day.
Write handwritten notes.
And, most of all positive karma — or leave what you are doing.
Entreprenurial Improvisation.

Read his post…it’s a great story.


Going solo

February 16, 2007

The Jan/Feb 2007 Law Practice Magazine’s theme is “Solos: Rising to the Challenge“.  Worth reading.

Unapologetically solo from home

February 4, 2007

What’s the best thing about working from home? It’s hard to say but if forced to choose ONE thing, I’d have to say: not commuting.

The amount of time, cost and emotional energy saved by walking to my home office is hard to beat.

Here’s what tipped the scales for Chuck Newton:

I was simply sick and tired of working, of not seeing my family, of commuting hours upon hours, and doing it all to support not me and those I hold dear, but the landlords, the staff and the infrastructure. I was making much, but keeping very little, including the promises to my children, friends and colleagues.

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