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How do you attract new clients?

March 17, 2007

The short answer is: show you are interested in them. How?

Escape from Cubicle Nation says The key to small business success: be the sharpest knife in the drawer

The article gives the example of an insurance agent who “does some exceptional things that make me fiercely committed to him and his company”.

The article says:

  • He provides valuable information to help us make decisions, not to try to sell us high-priced products.
  • He follows up promptly.

Read the article for more specific strategies.

David Maister refers to a report on lead generation which says the “most effective mix of tactics reported were ‘warm’ phone calls to existing contacts, speaking at conferences, running the firm’s own in-person events, becoming members of an industry association…”.


Working virtually

March 9, 2007

One of the best things about being small is your ability to be fast and flexible.

And that includes being able to work virtually without being stuck in an expensive city office with ageing IT systems.

If you need to have a face to face meeting, then have it but otherwise work where it best suits you, including on the move.

Ron at Strategic Technology has a selection of recent articles on working virtually including a story from a big company general counsel who gave up his corner office!