Billing methods: time or value?

This video has a terrific practical discussion about how different consultants set their fees.

And it’s not always about the hours spent or the money you need. They look at value to the client, the relationship with the client, the quality of the work, your differentiation and other factors.

But ultimately it’s negotiation with the client as you discuss the project. Otherwise you turn yourself into a commodity with a fixed price.


13 Responses to “Billing methods: time or value?”

  1. Cederash Says:

    Действительно удивили и порадовали 🙂 Никогда не поверил бы, что даже такое бывает 🙂

  2. Ferinannnd Says:

    Достаточно интересная и познавательная тема

  3. Avertedd Says:

    Занимательная интересная статья Да и в отличие от большинства других подобных советов воду в уши не льешь

  4. jeliOblivepeT Says:

    Огромное спасибо! Очень помогла ваша информация!!!)))))))))))

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  6. Sydney Lawyer Says:

    I think value billing is far more preferable than time based because ultimately, as a business, a law firm depends on creating value for customers (clients). If billing does not reflect this, it is meaningless and people will question it.

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  8. Steven Says:

    I agree that value billing is the way to go but weaning off time billing isnt easy

  9. Intellectual Property Lawyer Says:

    Value Billing has its positives in many commercial matters where the scope of a job is quantifiable like preparing a trust deed, however, it is difficult to profitably implement this billing model for litigation, particularly intellectual property disputed

  10. Immigration lawyer in sydney Says:

    Very well said though the consultants prices come with experiences.

  11. BTF Lawyers Says:

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