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Sites for solos

November 18, 2007

Here are links to 2 collections of sites relevant to solos:

Sites for sore eyes has links to tech sites to help you understand how things work.

Blawg Review #132 is especially for Home Office Lawyers and Solo’s.

He offers the following words of encouragement:

Solo’s, independent practitioners, those that practice law from a home office tend to be innovative. We tend to be out in front. If for no other reason we have no one to answer to. We are the partnership committee. We are the marketing committee and we are the technology committee. For that reason, we tend to adopt new advances in those areas, dare I say, quicker.


Attracting and retaining new clients

October 23, 2007

David Maister wrote the book on what your client relationships should be based on : trust, not marketing hype (The Trusted Advisor).

He is this week’s host of Blawg Review and rounds up  some topical posts on practice management and marketing.

Look at these to start:

Is “free “, good marketing?

May 23, 2007

Most professionals understand that you need to gain credibility with potential clients before they sign up and you typically do that by “educating” them ie giving away information that shows your expertise.

How far do you go with giving away information for free?

David Brown, an insolvency lawyer in Sydney, provides a free online debt collection service for matters that are not cost-effective for a lawyer to do.

Family Court Forms offers free online divorce applications.

Is there a service you can reasonably provide for free which  will attract potential clients?

How do you attract new clients?

March 17, 2007

The short answer is: show you are interested in them. How?

Escape from Cubicle Nation says The key to small business success: be the sharpest knife in the drawer

The article gives the example of an insurance agent who “does some exceptional things that make me fiercely committed to him and his company”.

The article says:

  • He provides valuable information to help us make decisions, not to try to sell us high-priced products.
  • He follows up promptly.

Read the article for more specific strategies.

David Maister refers to a report on lead generation which says the “most effective mix of tactics reported were ‘warm’ phone calls to existing contacts, speaking at conferences, running the firm’s own in-person events, becoming members of an industry association…”.

Managing client expectations

July 23, 2006

If clients complain about something, it is more likely to be service-related than the technical quality of your work: you don’t return their calls, you don’t explain things clearly, the bill was bigger than expected.

In Taming the Beast: managing client expectations in a 24/7 world Patricia Yevics has some suggestions on how to teach clients that faster is not always better.

Research calls as a marketing aid

July 1, 2006

It’s hard for most professionals to “cold call” for work. But what professionals are good at is doing research.

This article by Gale Crosley explains how you can use a “research call” to gain valuable information about a market and possibly get new work at the same time.

Impact of automation on legal practice

June 25, 2006

Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind makes some observations about the impact of automation on the legal professioin which are worth restating even if they may be trite:

Dozens of inexpensive informatuioin and advice services are reshaping law practice…The attorneys who remain  will be those who can tackle far more complex problems and those who can provide something that databases and software cannot – counseling, mediation, court-room storytelling, and other services that depend on R-Directed Thinking"


June 18, 2006

As a small firm you need to keep the pipeline of new work topped up. You need to have referral sources, you need to network!

So how do you get to meet new people? You need to get out of your comfort zone

OK, you’ve turned up at a meeting of your local chamber of commerce. What’s your objective? Are you going to meet at least 2 people who may be relevant to your work? Get their card, add it to your mailing list?

Where do you start? How about having a conversation? Do you find it hard to talk to strangers? Here are some tips for making conversation. I like “what are you currently working on” or “what’s the best thing that’s happened to you lately?”. It takes practice.

Effective marketing for small firms

May 7, 2006

No matter the size of the firm, but especially in small firms, cash flow is critical.

You need to keep expenses down and make sure revenue is coming in. 

So you need cost-effective marketing: personal networking is important as is a good professional on-line presence.

The thing about a web site and weblogs is that they are available 24 hours a day without you needing to be present. 

Larry Bodine offers a concise  Ten-Step Checklist for Marketing Online. The key point is that it should be about the client not about you: make it relevant and practical to the users and they will come back and perhaps retain you.What would a client want to know?: where you went to school or what you have done lately in your area of expertise which is relevant to them?